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Trebalo mi je oko 1.45h. Dosta je brže od vray-a (na vray-u s jednim drvetom mi je trajalo cijelu noć i nije bilo gotovo tako da sam ga prekinuo).
Uh već vidim da će me trava malo zezati. Probam pa javim kako je ispalo.

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samo da velim... svaki rendering engine, njegov rendertime ovisi o tome kako ga podesiš...

npr menije s v-rayem jedna prosjećna arch viz zgrada s cca 15-20 drveća, brdo grmova, displacement travom itd  oko 30 min render na rezoluciji cca 3000x2500 px....

a za arhitekturu... preporuka drž se v-raya jer je najbolji za to i najbrži, imaš tutorial od gnomona za arhitekturu u maxu s v-rayem... check it

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Nije svaki, odnosno, jest svaki koji je nov i licenciran..
No kao sto rekoh gore, Vray bez licence za max2010 ima (zasad afaik)
zastitu da renda cca deset puta sporije, i na svakoj drugoj nabaci watermark;)
...i did a little benchmark with a simple scene setup in max2k9 and orig license: very low quality settings+GI:rendertime 6 seconds...in max2k10 vray sp3 each of the prepasses already takes about 2 minutes!..theres definately something wrong here and i cannot imagine max2010 is to blame, neither the chaosgroup.
The only way to speed it up is to change in the settings tab, default geometry from Auto to dynamic. No other setting will decrease your render times. Now I'm not sure if this is related to the crack or whether it is a bug in vray but the reflections of the light render ver low antiliasing. I tried everything I know to stop this and I failed
changing auto to dynamic just allows v-ray to use RAM in a different way. it won't make it work much faster. the crack is flawed and it causes all the problems. any tip you posted applies to VRays performance tweaks in general. Everything you mentioned still works with the licensed version, but 10x to 20x times faster

tips what i discover
at six th or seven render the watermark dissaperar i made lot of tests
you can use at full speed without watermark at sixth or seven render
just start a render stop it an at sixth or seven render leave it to render at full resolution with gi and with dynamic setting instead of auto but on larger scenes render is very slow and artefacts watermark

final tip for boost speed and enable all processor speed calculation: convert all hi poly mesh in vray proxy (with uvw for preserving texture position) and unlock all power and speed of vray

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